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Allen Jones at the Royal Academy


Opening on the 13th of November, the Royal Academy will be exhibiting the work of Pop Art god Allen Jones. Showing a cross section of Jones’ work from his famed ‘furniture sculptures’, paintings of erotic legs and even story boards previously unseen created to plan many of his compositions, the exhibition will give a deep insight into one of the most fascinating artists to come out of the 20th century to explore sexuality.

Jones’ provocative paintings of high heeled legs sent out shockwaves into the art world as he addressed eroticism in a totally new way never before experienced in the 1960s. Fetishism and sado-masochism were placed right into focus and glamorised into the advertised style prevalent within Pop art creating utterly fresh ideas and art works.


The exhibition will run from Thursday November the 13th until  Sunday January the 25th 2015.

Royal Academy of the Arts Burlington Gardens

6 Burlington Gardens



An interview with artist Suzannah Pettigrew in anticipation for her new exhibition at Sang Bleu

Suzannah Pettigrew is the multidisciplinary artist who will be showing her new work at Sang Bleu next week.  Pettigrew’s work explores themes of consumerism, digital identities and modern life and through this special exhibition it will see her take on these ideas in the form of a sculpture and video. We caught up with Pettigrew to find out more about her intentions behind the exhibition.

Can you explain to us the work you will be showing at Sang Bleu?

The exhibition will explore the ability to exchange autonomous utopias and the social impact that this has, particularly on intimate relationships. Selling ourselves – and each other – a fantasy of what we want, and how we want it and presenting it as a commodity. The works shown will be a series of videos and sculpture set in an installation.

How important is the physical space to your work and how do you hope to manipulate it for this exhibition?

I want the gallery to give the participant a sense of controlled isolation and detachment. When virtual reality and physical spaces merge it can allow the conditioned desire for the unattainable to be accelerated. Producing a constant feeling of anticipation that something else will arrive.

How do you feel your interest the digital has changed in the last few years? And how has this effected your work?

Digital communication has been a huge focus in my practice over the last few years. As my usage of digital platforms has grown, so has my interest in people’s digital visual dialogue. It’s encouraged me to explore with more digital mediums, such as video, whereas before I would work with more traditional techniques such as painting and screenprinting.

Are there any particular inspirations that have influenced the work you will be exhibiting?

Guy Debord’s writes [...]

Porn Film Festival Berlin

The 9th annual Porn Film Festival Berlin continues over the weekend with a programme of screenings, workshops and exhibitions focused around erotic and pornographic film. The festival is held at the Kino Movemento, Berlin’s oldest operating cinema, on Kottbusser Damm in Kreuzberg.

Porn Film Festival was established by the film-maker Jürgen Brüning and aims to re-interpret the genre artistically, socially and philosophically.

There are 100 works on show of narratives, shorts, documentaries and experimental film.

The festival is known for its scope of representation and celebrates the variety of human sexuality. LGBQT focused films feature heavily such as Sophie Hyde’s 52 Tuesdays which explores the relationship between a sixteen year old and her mother during her mother’s gender reassignment. New York City Inferno, the 70s film set in the  pre-AIDS  gay scene of New York is also showing alongside other retrospective works.

Ryan Balas’ NSFW looks at the digital sexual relationship.

Body modification is profiled in Body of God, documentary that traces the history of Fakir Musafar who  undertook experiments in the 40s as a 12 year old secretly in the basement with his body.

Half the directors showing are women and many films and documentaries are focused around women and sex. Mrs Naughty’s The Fantasty Project explores the truth and existence of female sexual fantasies and Vulva 3.0 documents the vagina; its beauty, mystique and its supposed modern ‘beauty standards’.

All forms of sexual taboo and fringe subjects are represented and explored in the festival, most strongly through the documentary programme. Love Sex Senior addresses the unspoken topic of sex and age and Sexy Money follows Nigerian  women who moved to Europe to escape poverty but ended up in prostitution.

There’s a varied and exciting selection of discussions and workshops on the accompanying programme and many are interactive and seek audience participation for an exploration of sexuality and one’s body. There’s [...]

An interview with Maxime Ballesteros to celebrate his exhibition at Sang Bleu

Maxime Ballesteros is the Berlin based photographer who from this evening will have a solo show named Entre chien et loup at Sang Bleu’s new exhibition space in London. So to celebrate we’ve spoken to Ballesteros more about the photographs he’ll be exhibiting and his work.

 With your images we are often left with the feeling that we are only seeing details and moments of a much bigger going on why is this?


I feel like it could be a definition of my work, and maybe the way I see photography in general. I can only frame a little part of the world, and of a moment. And it’s an interesting feeling for me, when the viewer is not sure of the context, pushed to complete the frame with parts of his own history and sensations.

I can also be only interested by one detail, or a combination of elements, and fill the photograph with it. If you see a white sock stuck on the branch of a tree, you can make a thousand stories out of it. Often the title of the work gives a direction as well.


Your work is often referenced as being provocative and sexual, how do you feel about this and would you agree?


One needs strong words to describe a body of work I guess. I use flashes quite often, and my framing is usually straight forward and centered on what I want to show. That form might be aggressive to some viewers. But on the content level, provocative and sexual wouldn’t be words I’d use to refer to my work. Unless the photo is staged, and in this case it’s clearly visible, my approach is very close to documentary. And my work is as provocative and sexual as the world is, [...]


Pornai is the Ancient Greek word for prostitutes and is where the contemporary term pornography derives from.

Prostitution was considered an ordinary job in Ancient Greece, particularly in Athens. The sex trade industry was large due to the lack of socialization between men and ‘respectable’ female citizens beyond their immediate family. The large cities of the time were also full of men that had travelled without families to seek employment. Men in Ancient Greece often didn’t marry until 30, so prostitution solicited their sexual desires before these years.

A hierarchy of prostitutes existed in Ancient Greece and the pornai carried the lowest rank; pornai translates to whore or harlot. They were the streetwalkers or the slaves.

Female sex slaves existed abundantly in Ancient Greece due to the belief that the victor of battle had the right to enslave as many people as he chose. When lands, such as Thrace and modern day Turkey were overthrown in battle, women were captured, enslaved and sent to brothels. These women were considered barbaric due to their inability to speak Greek.

Sandals of the streetwalking Pornai have been found that have the word ‘Follow me’ (‘akolouthei’) studded into their soles; the footprinted message would imprint the hard packed sand that paved the cities and would lead to the streetwalking pornai and the favours she distributed down the alleys of the crowded, downtown areas such as the port of Piraeus and Kerameikos in Athens.

The streetwalking pornai had the ability to publicly display their charms to attract prospective clients and profited from the allure that their studded soles created as a recourse for publicity.

Philip Yarnell’s favourite tattoos

Today we asked the most beautiful tattooer Philip Yarnell to choose some of his favourite tattoos from his impressive collection and explain why he likes them so much.


My back piece was done by Liam Sparkes around three years ago at Shangri La, we decided on the goat because the original image is by one of my favourite artists Walton Ford. The image of the goat is based on the Faustian tale of selling your soul. The entire tattoo only took about two and half hours which is pretty impressive for a back piece of that size.


These two tattoos on the right hand side of my torso were done by Luca Font and Glue Sniffer. The heroin chic was done by Glue Sniffer earlier this year, I chose this image because I like how crude it is. Luca’s tattoo of the girls head was also created earlier this year at Sang Bleu and I love how classical and timeless this image is.



The top tattoo on my calf was done by Koji Ichimaru at the start of this year at Duke Street, I like this girl because Koji is well known for mixing up traditional Japanese and classic Western styles together, but this one was more unusual for him and most of his images are usually of Japanese content. The tattoo below that was done by Javier Rodriguez at Sang Bleu, I enjoy it because it doesn’t look like anything else I have on my body and there is a lot of character to the devils face.




Thomas Pollard created this great image of the character Suzy Bannion in the horror classic Suspira. For me this is a very iconic image [...]

“These Christian swingers like sharing Bible verses and sex partners”

A Bible-thumping couple in Florida is changing the way people think about their faith — with a hookup website for devout Christian swingers!

Cristy Parave and her husband, Dean, are the unashamed bodybuilding Jesus lovers bringing couples together and introducing them to their wild lifestyle of swapping sex partners and Bible verses, Barcroft Media reports.

When the fitness gurus got sick of finding swingers online who couldn’t meet their standards, they decided to set up their own swinging network — They have been touring the US ever since, meeting couples who want to join in and indulge in their holy promiscuity.

The couple first met at a bodybuilding competition, and simply don’t care what people say about their swinging. They firmly believe that despite their unfaithful marriages, the big guy upstairs doesn’t have a care in the world that they’re defiling their sacred vows.

“I don’t think God would be mad at what we are doing,” Cristy said. “At first I was conflicted, but the more we looked at it, the more it makes sense to us.”

The 44-year-old added that she felt mankind had been created to frolic and fornicate with one another.

“God put people on the Earth to breed and enjoy each other,” she told Barcroft. “I feel God is always with me and he has put us here for a reason.”

The hulking matchmakers have been together for seven years, according to Barcroft. They began their swinging escapades when the two met a brazen couple at Home Depot who blatantly asked them if they wanted to swing.

“I was so naive, I thought they were talking about swing dancing,” she said. “Afterwards we went home and looked it up online and it sounded exciting.”

Article taken from The New York [...]