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The Temptations Of Pierre Molinier at Richard Saltoun Gallery


At all times, my acts and my actions in life have stemmed from love
or eroticism, as you like it 

Pierre MolinierThe Shaman and its Creatures


The Richard Saltoun Gallery is one of London’s most provokative art spaces, infamous for celebrating some of the 20th century most visceral artists in regards to the body and performance. So it was of great pleasure to discover that they have curated a solo exhibition of French artist Pierre Molinier’s photographs and paintings.

Molinier, being an artists of extortionate amounts of guts, taboo and originality paved the way for us to question how and what we consider shocking within art. The works on show are titilating in their obscure perversity; limbs, dildos and mannequin masks create Molinier’s bodies of odd exhibition, calling vulgar attraction with their fetishistic eroticism. So, to celebrate this exhibition we spoke to the curators of the exhibition, Giulia Casalini and Niamh Coghlan about Molinier’s bizarre but beguiling life and work to find out more about him and his work.


Reba – How long have you been planning this exhibition for? 

Niamh- Probably for about six or seven months. We did a show before called Transformer last year where we had some of his works in that exhibition and ever since that show we’ve been buying up the works. As you know Molinier has become the new hit on the block since the Biennale. He is becoming much more of a household name as probably about four years ago that wasn’t necessarily the case.


Do you feel that Molinier is important to associate the gallery with?

Niamh – He fits a lot of what we focus on which tends to be artists that are exploring the body, performance, gender and sex, and doing it at a time when they weren’t supposed to be doing it. Particularly [...]

American Cassidy

American Cassidy is an independent escort, dominatrix and cam girl. The self-proclaimed all natural “Goddess” takes her thoughts and photos and makes them available to the public. Flashing her bright blue dyed pubic hair any time she can get away with it, Cassidy hopes to break down barriers in society. She writes a blog (, where she reveals her personal thoughts and sexual encounters in a thought-provoking and relatable way. Prostitution is one of the oldest professions known to mankind and is still very active all over the world today- yet it is generally seen as a shameful lifestyle choice. Using social media, (mainly Instagram; @hookerproblemz) Cassidy hopes to shed some light on various aspects of the sex industry. Ever since making her life public, she has been amazed at how many clients come to see her based on her writing and the way her mind works, rather than just her looks and visual aesthetic. She loves what she does for a living and knows one day she will live in a world where people will be more open-minded to her unique lifestyle.

In your professional life as a cam girl and escort you appeal to a niche or specialty audience with your full body hair- was this a change made because of an existing lifestyle/grooming choice or made specifically to set you apart in the cam & escort industry?

Ever since I went through puberty, I always enjoyed having my pubic hair. I admit I did shave my armpits and legs at one point- and over the past few years shaved them on certain occasions. When I first started in the sex industry I totally conformed to what I thought every guy wanted to see in a woman, which was [...]

Portraits of people by Eloise Parry and Victoria Higgs

Photographer Eloise Parry and stylist Victoria Higgs worked together to document a selection of people living in London. From Chanel to vintage clothes from Cenci, the pair captured people they found interesting wearing a selection of new and vintage fashions.



Photographer – Eloise Parry

Stylist – Victoria Higgs

Hair Stylist – Yoshitaka Miyazaki using Bumble and Bumble

Makeup artist – Danielle Kahlani at The Book Agency using M.A.C Cosmetics

Nail artist – Ami Streets at LMC Worldwide

Fashion assistants – Bridi Foden and Jordan Duddy

Models –

Hanna Moon, Rachel Jacqueline, Ireti Akintoye, Louis Backhouse, Lotte Andersen,

Seo Hyun Park


Talking with Brody Polinsky about his place in contemporary queer tattooing

Brody Polinsky is a tattooer who creates beautifully bold patterned tattoos from his private studio in Berlin. This week he finished his guest spot at Sang Bleu London. You may know him as CLEAN AND SOBER TATTOO, his alias which explains his own ten years of sobriety but he’s also creating waves with his queer tattoo space in Berlin. I met with him to discuss his work and life and how he’s making his own stake in the remarkably narrow world of tattooing. 


Reba: I can see that you have a photo of ManWoman as your screensaver on your phone, why do you like ManWoman?Brody: It’s because he’s also Canadian, ha ha no. I think how he took back the swastika was pretty amazing; he just did it in this remote weird town in Canada and he was publishing books about it.He was published in Modern Primitives too I think. 

Those guys have been really reclaiming the swastika through tattooing since the mid 90s, which is when I got into tattoos, seeing Alex Binnie doing these big black tattoos was amazing I wanted that.

How did you find out about people like Alex Binnie being a kid in Canada? 

I found out about those guys from convention posters at my friends studio when i was 15. I hung out desperately trying to soak up tattooing not trying to annoy anyone. They knew the Leu family from conventions, I sat and looked through all the books and magazines available back then, they had them all.

I always skateboarded, essentially I did whatever my oldest cousin was into – drugs, booze, smoking, stealing, tattoos, it’s a small town, it was the nineties, it was all tribal tattoos then, and it was mostly bikers [...]

Swallow and Daggers new zine ‘In God We Trust’ opens at Sang Bleu London tonight !

Swallows and Daggers

is the tattoo blog and streetwear brand originating in Galway, Ireland. After seeing the rise and commercialisation of the tattoo industry the blog has come round full circle, originating as a zine, going into a blog and now its created another zine titled ‘In God We Trust’ . Here at Sang Bleu London we are hosting the launch for the zine with an exhibition. We spoke to the founder Cian Mac an tSaoir to find out more about this new publication. Can you tell us what the zine is about? The zine is the first of hopefully many art zines, each one focusing on a different theme or image. This particular one is focused on religious iconography and is entitled In God We Trust with the artists interpreting this statement how they wish. Why are you going back into print after all of these years?  Since our tattoo newspaper I’ve really wanted to get back into print but I didn’t want to go back to a large editorial zine. The old magazines content was more suited to a blog and I think since we’ve moved in that direction it’s really helped deliver superior content to our blog and website. The zine is really a reaction to how expensive a lot of the tattoo books that are coming out are, these elaborate productions with two hundred artists costing hundreds of pounds I really wanted to deliver something high quality and yet affordable to our readers in a more approachable format that I wouldn’t have to rely on foreign production for. How have you gone about curating the work by tattooers that will be on show? When it came to picking artists I really just tried to get people who’s work I respected [...]

Speaking with artist Hein Koh about the grotesque and seductive


Your recent work is very explicit in its use of genital imagery, both in content and in the titling.   There is simultaneously a grotesque and seductive quality to the way you render lips, eyeballs, and genitals.  What response do you hope to elicit in a viewer when confronted with these larger than life body parts?

I want the work to be titillating, but also discomforting, provoking the viewer to confront and examine the discomfort.  Being interested in issues dealing with the body, gender and sexuality, I want the work to defy expectations, preconceived notions and traditional categorizations.  Sexuality is both a pleasurable and uncomfortable topic, and I want that to come across in my work, in a visceral manner.  I think it’s important to have a sense of humor about it too, so most of all I want the viewer to have a fun experience with the work, which is why my titles are often cheeky and involve puns.

How do you approach sculpting an object and choosing whether to execute it in a soft or hard medium, ex. fiberglass vs. stuffed vinyl?

What I love about sculpting is the tactility and sensuality of materials.  I am often initially seduced by a material, and by engaging with it, I feel inspired to create forms specific to the nature of the material.  For example, lately I’ve been into vinyl, the shininess and stretchiness of it, both fleshy and artificial, so it’s been inspiring me to create sexy, bulbous, and tensile forms that reference vinyl as a fetish fabric.  Other times, I am inspired by some kind of visual or concept that leads to a sketch of a sculptural idea, and then I envision the sculpture in different materials, trying to figure [...]


We had the pleasure of inviting Maxime Ballesteros to the Mondial du Tatouage earlier this year and these are some of the photos he took of the tattoo convention.