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Our friends JerĂ´me Rigaud (who also is the webmaster of this very site and an once flatmate of mine) and Alex Bettler recently launched a website called “design Marketo“.

DesignMarketo is a platform diffusing up-and-coming designers’ small and limited productions.
We also organise events where you can pop by and see the real thing – last one was in Milano: FoodMarketo and London Design Festival.

DesignMarketo seems to be a pretty advanced proposition in the new deal of global retail. Alongside other conceptual online retail resources such as LN-CC, we find here the proof of the inability of the traditional trade system to adapt to the fast-pace evolution of artistic (in a general sense) practices.

For now, propositions mainly stick to design and applied art, but it is no high-risk bet to say that it will probably shortly be applied to fine arts. Time will tell.

Design Marketo also carries Sang Bleu

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