pedro winter of Ed Banger records…

home of the infamous french band “Justice”…
wears a Sang Bleu Tshirt! (designed by Chacha). This Tshirt is available from this link:
Pedro also wears Tattoos by Campbell (saved tattoo, NY)
Pedro regularly shows love on his highly popular blog
so it’s only natural we show love too!

thanx pedro

ed banger for life


Is a new collaborative project by Kris Van Assche, director of Dior Homme and creator of his eponymous fashion house, and Barbara Polla, the director of the Genevan art gallery Analix Forever.

For the pilot issue, Kris & Barbara nvited me to write a short text on the subject of someone crossing a desert. Very honoured I am.

(Wouldn’t it have been funny to do it on someone crossing a dessert, instead? Just Kidding.)

Londerzeel is available in selected bookstores.

My nights are grey with yellow speckles. Sometimes blinded by bright lights—then they become black.

If I took my sweatshirt off, I would feel the cold, so I keep it on and let the clumsy seam of the hood wear my skin out.

No eyes are left to interrogate my condition. I spill like an icicle in a closed mouth where only seldom breezes through the content of an inhalation.

I walk North-wise.

Music To Drive By. How many hearings does it take me before I can start humming every next song before it starts? In what year did I understand the last word I needed so I could finally recite Jack Mode from beginning to end?

The sensation I feel in my right foot is different to that in my left.

The music stops, but I do not. The earth is scrolling under my feet—things are coming to me.

The warm breeze, like a bath at body-temperature. I cross the road.

St Guy’s Hospital. Crawling out the windows is the cold gleam of neon tubes, similar to dumb jelly. It soaks the streets. Square volumes of emptiness, held together by stone and metal. A bouquet at a window arises in me the same flow of thought as does the laundry hanging from balconies in Italian villages, [...]

Elli by Alex Wilson

Alex Wilson is a young photographer studying in London. Elli’s tattoos are by Rana Almiron at Infamous Studio, Stockholm.

‘This shoot was for the signature style project based around the concept of a contemporary dandy and it was shot with Sang Bleu in mind’.

Linda and Jesper

Linda Holm is at Profile

Céline Duval & Mathieu Renard

I was introduced to Mathieu Renard through Céline Duval (whose work I sincerely salute), and I suspect him of having made this series of images as he vividly recalled a couple of strange dreams he’d had before awakening. Thank god there is always a time when without warning a startling memory flashes thru one’s mind.
Enjoy those!

147 rue st maur

Everybody knows what Notre Dame looks like, but how many know what 147 rue St Maur looks like?
Like so many places, it is full of souls, dusty corners. Loaded with memories and oblivion. The attention and patience of decades of beings made it a monument to humanity.

Thank you Mauricio and the crew for the shelter and this beautiful stay.

at KvA…

…one day this week.
Some places, some people are blessed with auras of elegant serenity.
(meet here: Kris and Thibo)