blessed be the queen

“Queen Isabella … introduced the ‘garments of the grand neckline,’ where the dress was open to the navel. This fashion eventually led to the application of rouge to freely display nipples, those ‘little apples of paradise’ to placing diamond-studded rings or small caps on them, even piercing them and passing gold chains through them decorated with diamonds, possibly to demonstrate the youthful resilience of the bosom.”

Valentine’s day in Japan and public opinion of tattoos – NVU with Shoji Fujii

Today I met my friend, Shoji Fujii at the Café Rouge in Paris. We talked about a lot of things, for instance, did you know that in Japan on Valentine’s day it is the little girls that give the chocolates to the boys that they are interested in and not the other way around? How many chocolates you get is a sign of your popularity. If the mom’s are worried that their son won’t get any chocolates, she goes out and buys some for him, this is the ultimate insult and to avoid this kind of embarrassment often the boys buy their own chocolates so they don’t have to come home empty handed.

In 1995 Shoji met the publisher of Street Magazine while he was working at Vivienne Westwood and that was the start of his photography career. He likes tattoos and he sees them as a personal stamp that sets you apart from the others. He feels that without a tattoo the focus tends to be on the body, the face or the voice but when you have a tattoo people look at what is drawn  on you. He got his first tattoo when he was 22 and for that he chose the strong symbol of a dragon. His Chinese sign is a Rat. His second tattoo was two dragons on either side of the first dragon. The Bird of Paradise on his arm came from a t-shirt that he really liked and is probably the most common tattoo in China symbolizing that even when they die, like the phoenix it regenerates and comes back to life.

When Shoji was a child growing up in Kyoto he identified people with tattoos as [...]

you can have her I don’t want her

Pia wrote:
“you might enjoy my photos”
I relied:
“i do
who are
“my name is pia. im 22. love in ny. go to parsons. from la. ”

And her blog is:

Pia, are you italian?

I meant…

Not September…

sang bleu goes hollywood

I will be in California from the 2nd till the 24th of September.
Let’s meet!

Filip Leu’s psychedelic work—part1

On Matthieu’s—Filip’s bother-in-law’s—arm.
In progress.

The only love I know is with a wolf

text and photography by
Charli Ljung
Mirjam Liebe

With leather pants, knee-high stiletto boots and scraps and pieces gathered from his trips in central Asia, Gustav Wallas appearance is one of a kind. Most of the time, he is found in a bar in central Paris, making drawings or networking on his computer.

The bar seems to work as his living room and he says that his current apartment is a temporary solution. He is waiting for money that belongs to him but they seem to be stuck in bureaucratic maze of old court cases and social systems. It all connects to his past, but even when you search way back in Gustavs life it is not easy to find the beginning of the labyrinth.

- What you are looking at now died three times, he says.
Heavy words are randomly falling out of Gustavs mouth when he tries to explain the darkest part of his life. Heroin had killed his best friend and was slowly taking the life of his girlfriend. She was out of reason and suspicious to everyone. He says that he wanted to save her and that he took the drugs in a vain attempt to gain her trust.

She survived and went on to become famous. Gustav explains with tears in his eyes that his one and only love, was in fact “Bambou”, who left him to go live with Serge Gainsbourg.

“Wolf love is real love”

- The only love I know is with a wolf.

There are many stories in Gustavs life that wants to be told. About when he met Mick Jagger, became friend with the king of Nepal or when he died twice on a high altitude in the mountains of Tibet. The trips to Asia started off [...]