Man Ray was right

All critics should definitely be assassinated.

Louis Vuitton (SoHo)
116 Greene St. (between Prince St & Spring St)
New York, NY 10012

“All critics should be assassinated.”

1. The title of this post is one of Man Ray’s most famous quotes.
2. The images below are Steven Meisel’s last shooting for Louis Vuitton.
3. The question is now: Does 1 + 2 equal 1, 2 or 3 ?

A Very Happy Man Am I

Way back when, I had a copy of Paris Vogue. Where it went, I don’t know. I certainly didn’t bin it. I loved these pictures too much to do that. Now somehwere out there, some very kind soul saw my plea to track them down again and late last night we were reunited.

After all these years. Share in my joy.

They look even better than I’d remembered. Bless you, my anonymous friend.

Steven Meisel has a lot to answer for. I may have a proper job but for him.

sang bleu 5—contributor list

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Dear all,

Just as a teaser, here is an unfinished list of contributors for SB5 due out in feb 2010!

Adeena Mey
Adrian WIlson
Alex Binnie
Ami Sioux
Ben Perdue
Ben Rayner
Camille Vivier
Christophe Brunnquell
Claire Fontaine
Claude-Hubert Tatot
Damiano Sammarco
Damien Blottière
Dan Sinnes
David Ratmoko
Diamanda Galas
Diane Pernet
Ellen Von Unwerth
Estelle hanania
Felix Burrichter
Fiona Bryson
Francesca Gavin
Graham Tabor
Hannes (Blut & Eisen, Berlin)
Jason Farrer
Javi Castano
Jermaine Francis
Joël Vacheron
Joerg Koch
Jon Dix
Jonathan Lethem
Karl Holmqvist
Kris Van Assche
Liam Sparkes
Lukas Wassmann
Lotta Volkova
Lydia Lunch
Manfred Unger
Maurizio Anzeri
Mauricio Nardi
Marcus Mam
Maria Trofimova
Mathieu Copeland
Michèle Lamy
Miguel Villalobos
Molly Nilsson
Nigel Taylor
Pietro Sedda
Sean Thomas
Smith Street Tattoo, NY
Stéphane Montavon
Sven Marquardt
Sybille Walter
Theo Jack & Infamous Tattoo
Thomas Hooper
Tin Tin
Tirdad Zolghadr
Valerie Vargas
Victor A.Stoichita
Vincent Normand
Vyne Ween
Walter Pfeiffer
William Van Meter
Yvonne (Blut & Eisen, Berlin)

Bas Louter in Seattle !

DUST (ASPHALT) Ambach and Rice, Seattle, USA, 2009

twisted bodies—Sihle Ntuli—Rasha—Youngkyo Yoo

T”s Breeze by Sihle Ntuli

Material around me,
All around me,
The upper me,
Up to neck,
Pulling it over my shoulder to accompany a vest,
Then i freeze,
Cool sensations have me sneeze,
Massaging my collar bone to rest calm,
Sensations penetrates through a vest to a chest,
A calm cool breeze,
A favourite shirt breeze,
Cold black T on the front printed “Kickin Ass” for all to see,
My T gives me a cool breeze cause i give warning in this morning,
Of what could be done if i pleased no bothering a quiet storm please,
Heat wave sunbeams,
Air con T by now the calm runnin all over me still the upper me ,
Only the printed words get exhausted,
Exhaustion written on the foreheads of those who see me and omit smokescreens,
My T’s has me laugh chesty laughs that freezes smoke with cool breeze
Thats the story of the T Breeze of an Ice T

Photography by Rasha

Photography by Youngkyo Yoo

unusual blog talk—Swallows and Daggers

It is a pretty usual thing for blog owners to exchange links with other blogs. The motivations can vary a lot from purely financial ones to personal ones. For me, the only valid one is the actual interest I have for the other blog.

Here is a blog I have a sincerer respect and interest for. Swallows and Daggers. Not only, has it all the qualities of good tattoo magazines plus one: it is free. What else could you ask for?