“I am Mattia Rinaudo. I am Italian and a blank canvas for creativity. I’ve loved tattoo’s since i was young. They attract attention and conversation. They have no specific reason other than coloring my life and bringing beauty. I’ve collected them from friends and my travels around the world including London, Brazil, Italy, South Africa – 5 different artist in total. I got the first tattoo at the age of 16 on my thigh, Chinese symbols, it was the easiest to hide from parents. As my passion grew the tattoos expanded all over my body and I’m nowhere near finished.”

The Horrors!

This spectral arm belongs to Rune Willerslev an almost 19 year old from Gallivare a small mining town in northern Sweden. The apparitions are by Johan ‘Piller’ Larsson at

Natalia’s models’ tattoo artist

Is no one else but LDN’s very own, the loveliest, nicest Saira Hunjan (who, just for the record, was in sang Bleu 0, remember?).

Dear Natalia,

Your images will be up: Today.
Because I fuckin love them.

Sincerely yours


PS: Would you be so kind as to telling us who the tattoo artists are?

photography by Natalia David

23% pure

Jeffrey has been consistently and faithfully sending me images and contributing to sang bleu since day one. I still owe Benedetta Rossi for introducing us.
A massive subject and interview with jeffrey is coming soon in the soon-to-be-launched “Online Features” section.
But before that, you might wanna have a look at, or even better, buy “23%”, the book he just released.

Sang Bleu Society Page / Performance

Sang Bleu’s very own, the gorgeous AND! talented Jeanne-Salome Rochat out this evening at the Vegas Gallery on Redchurch Street (see 5 posts below) in the good company of Adrien (is this looking like the Purple blog all of a sudden?) and the performance.

la gueule du monde…

and because it’s beautiful
found on rasha’s blog