yesterday: OWENSCORP

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Security sporting SB tshirts, Burlesque performers from LA, M’ink, Jeanne-Salomé, Guillaume & Pascal (actually, vice & versa), Sebastien Tellier as necklace (never liked him as much!), Michèle, Rachel, Ed

Not displayed (but should have been!):
Scarlett, Rick, Diane, Laurence, Nicolas, Issa, Théo

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3 comments on “yesterday: OWENSCORP

  1. matteo says:

    why all the events/fashion show invites have the same old style handwriting on it.
    is there someone in paris that specialized to write in such artistic way for all the fashion houses or the press offices already employ an in house person that can write in such style?

  2. Maxime Buechi says:

    dear Matteo,
    what you referring to is simply called calligraphy. There isn’t so many ways you can make nice letters with a human hand. Many people do it, more or less skilfully. The specialists can spot personal & historical styles, but eventually—from an outsider’s perspective—, the only thing that counts is, does it match a medium, a concept.