Hank Wood and the Hammerheads at the Montague Arms by Joe Skilton

In December New York’s punk band Hank Wood and The Hammerheads played at The Montague Arms in Peckham. So Joe Skilton came with us to take photos and this is what they look like.


KESH – Live Lines today at Sang Bleu

Artist Kesh will exclusively be present today at the Sang Bleu Contemporary Art and Practice Space today from 4-8pm. Anyone will be able to drop in for free to have their portrait created by Kesh so please join us at 29b Dalston Lane, London, E8 3DF.


Sarka Encasement

Sarka Encasement is a Flickr account made by a woman who has a fetish for wearing tights.  She covers her entire body and face  in multiple layers of nylon in varying colours and then poses in them at home. Sometimes she wears a wig, high heels and a dress over the top her new nylon skin too. When I first found  Sarka Encasement I emailed her with a desperate need to interview her. Like most internet fetishists who share their ultra private images online through Flickr her idenitiy is completely anonymous. I wasn’t necessarily interested in finding anything personal out about her, but it was more about a need to understand how and why she’s made these fascinatingly original photos of herself trapped under layers and layers of women tights.

Sarka replied almost instantly and explained how her english speaking is almost non existent, but she’d be happy for me to write about her, she also suggested I like her on Facebook and watch her videos on Youtube. This is when I found out that Sarka has a huge following and religiously updates her social media outlets daily.

A fetish for tights isn’t necessarily that original, it of course falls under the category of underwear, there is something enticing about seeing a woman in nothing but them because they indicate to the notion of undressing. Tights are never worn as a singular garment but something to accessories with. There is also the aspect of tights fitting to every curve of the body, exaggerating the shape of the female form, they refer to nakedness without sharing any actual flesh. Then there is also the tactile nature of tights, the friction that they cause with skin and how thin the [...]

Beauty Lies in the Eye


How capitalism influenced body modification in 2014 and its expression through social media

If anything can be said with certainty about the closing of 2014, it’s that social media’s impact and practice has evolved to colossal levels in comparison to the previous year. Instagram’s use over the last twelve months has sky rocketed making our ever-evolving perceptions of our digital realities and the constructions of our own identities and others merge into some kind of endless and unknown narcissistic mythology.

The normalisation of the action and creation of a selfie has also drastically changed the way we look at ourselves in terms of how we present to the world conceptions of our beauty, popularity, sexuality, gender and class. The democratization of social media has also meant that we can hide behind it, essences of the truth behind how we actually are in person become blurred and stand beside one another in their physical form and digital form becoming paradoxes of one another.

A new idea of dedication and authenticity now consumes us, if most of our initial opinions of other individuals come from viewing them through a plastic screen rather than in the physical, how can we make ourselves stand out? The attention we all spend on creating our digital projections of self often make us question how real we are being? How authentic is the presentation of our image on social networks? Social media means that we can collect a fan base for doing nothing other than being constructed versions of ourselves.

But now the possibilities of how we create ourselves is so broad, and these ideas move so quickly, how can we really cement a translation of our dedication to others in both virtual and lived reality? Anyone can put on a piece of clothing, but at the end of the day you have [...]

Claire Barrow picks us her New Years Eve songs


TTTism – follow our new Instagram showcasing the best of contemporary tattooing



We have just created a new Instagram where we will be showcasing a curation of the most pioneering, beautiful, original and skilful tattoos shared across Instagram, for consideration to be submitted tag your photos with @ttttism or #tttism and please follow us here